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Cut Up Angels
The Used - In Love And Death (747)

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So what’s up with everyone tonight?

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BIkers Against Child Abuse Helps Make Abused Children Feel Safe Again

“A biker’s power and intimidating image can even the playing field for a little kid who has been hurt. If the man who hurt this little girl calls or drives by, or even if she is just scared, another nightmare, the bikers will ride over and stand guard all night.
If she is afraid to go to school, they will take her and watch until she’s safely inside.
And if she has to testify against her abuser in court, they will go, too, walking with her to the witness stand and taking over the first row of seats.”

During one such testimony, a little boy sat on the stand, testifying against his abusive father, who sat less than 10 feet away.  
“Why didn’t you say anything before now?” Asked the prosecutor.
“I was scared.” The little boy replied, honestly.
“Why aren’t you scared now, what changed?” The prosecutor watched the little boy closely as he pointed to the front row of seats in the court room.
“Because my friends are scarier than he is.”

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when you’re typing “good morning” and you accidentally type “hood morning”


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Hey everyone! I’m Joel Faviere and I’m a solo artist. You may know me from my previous short-stay in Get Scared. How are all of you lovelies? 

I also know my theme sucks and I’ll fix that ASAP!